外貿函電報價范文模板 第一篇


Inquiries 詢價(1)

P=Peter (customer), Li=a businessman (of a Chinese trade company)

P: I\'m glad to have the chance to visit your company. I hope to conclude some substantial business with you.

L: It\'s a great pleasure, Mr. Peter, to have the opportunity of meeting you. I believe you have seen the exhibits in the showroom. May I know what particular items you\'re interested in?

P: I\'m interested in your hardware. I have seen the exhibits and studied your catalogs. I think some of the items will find a ready market in Canada. Here is a list of my requirements, for which I\'d like to have your lowest quotations, CIF Vancouver.

L: Thank you for your inquiry. Would you tell us the quantity you require so as to enable us to work out the offers?

P: I\'ll do that. Meanwhile, would you give me an indication of price?

L: Here are our FOB. price lists. All the prices in the lists are subject to our confirmation.

P: What about the commission? From European suppliers I usually get a 3 to 5 percent commission for my imports. It\'s the general practice.

L: As a rule we do not allow any commission. But if the order is large enough, we\'ll consider it.

P: You see, I do business on commission basis. A commission on your prices would make it easier for me to promote sales. Even a 2 or 3 percent would help.

L: We\'ll discuss this when you place your order with us.

Inquiries 詢價(2)

P: When can I have your firm CIF prices, Mr. Li?

L: We\'ll have them worked out by this evening and let you know tomorrow morning. Would you be good enough to come round then?

P: Good. I\'ll be here tomorrow morning at 10. Will that suit you?

L: Perfectly. Our offers are good for 3 days.

P: I don\'t need that long to make up my mind. If your prices are favorable and if I can get the commission I want, I can place the order right away.

L: I am sure you\'ll find our price most favorable. Elsewhere prices for hardware have gone up tremendously in recent years. Our prices haven\'t changed much.

P: I\'m glad to hear that. As I\'ve just said, I hope to conclude some substantial business with you.

L: We shall be very pleased. Is there any thing else I can do for you, Mr. Peter?

P: I\'m buying for chain department stores in Canada. They are also interested in Chinese carpets. I\'d like to make me to the person in charge of this line?

L: Certainly. I\'ll make an appointment for you with Mr. Sung of the China National Animal By-products Corp.

P: Thank you very much.

Inquiries 詢價(3)

P: I understand that you\'re interested in our machine tools, Mr. Li.

L: Yes, We\'re thinking of placing an order. We\'d like to know what you can offer along this line as well as your sales conditions.

P: As you know, we supply machine tools of all types and sizes. We have years of experience in the manufacture tools.

L: We\'ve read about this in your sales literature. May I have an idea of your price?

P: Our prices compare favorably with those offered by other manufactures either in Europe or anywhere else. Here are our latest price sheets. You will see that our prices are most competitive.

L: Do you take special order? That is, do you make machine according to specification?

P: We do. As a matter of fact, we design machine tools for special purposes.

L: How long does it usually take you to make delivery?

P: As a rule, we deliver all our orders within 3 months after receipt of the covering letters of credit. It takes longer, of course, for special orders. But in no case would it take longer than 6 months.

L: Good, Another thing, all your prices are on CIF basis. We\'d rather have you quote us FOB prices.

P: That can easily be worked out.

外貿函電報價范文模板 第二篇

回復詢盤 告知無貨

referring to your letter of 5 june, we very much regret that we are unable to make you an offer for the goods you demand. the reason is that the product you need has been out of stock. what’s more our manufacturers have declined orders because of shortage of raw materials.

we shall, however, file your inquiry and cable you our offers as soon as we have got supplies.



回復詢盤 ,量大折價

we are pleased to receive your letter of 5 july and enclose our catalogue and price list. also by separate post we are sending you the samples of our products. our catalogue contains items and their specifications of our supplies. through comparing our prices with those of other suppliers, you will appreciate the moderate prices of ours. for a total purchase of not less than 100,000 and not more than 200,000 american dollars, we would allow a discount of 10% and for a purchase larger than 200,000 american dollars, we would allow a 20% special discount.




外貿函電報價范文模板 第三篇


our terms are 2% ten days, thirty days net.


we only allow a cash discount on payments made within ten days of date of invoice.


terms to approved buyers strictly net cash, payment within thirty days from invoice date, for prompt cash we will allow thirty days interest, at the rate of 5% per annum.

(4)條件: 即期發貨。在貨到我方工廠, 經過驗訖重量品質后,立即以現金支付。

terms: early delivery, and net cash payment after receipt of the material at our works, and verification of weight and quality.


cash discounts are allowed only on accounts that are paid within the ten-day limit.


you will find that we have given you the best terms customary in our business.


my habit is to settle on the 25th all bills rendered on or before the 1st of each and every month.


our terms are cash within three months of date of delivery, or subject to 5 per cent discount if paid within one month.


in answer to your inquiry fo rthe article, we reply you sd follows.


in reply to your enquiry of yesterdays date, we are sending you herewith several samples of wall paper closely resembling to what you want.

(11) 茲就該商品向貴方報價如下:

we are pleased to quote you for the goods as following.


enclosed we hand you a price-current for the goods.


of course these quotations are all subject to the fluctuations of the market.


we think you can well accord us a substantial discount off your list prices, which we see are quoted net cash.


we shall be glad if you will quote us the best discount for cash off your list price for cash for this quantity.


our terms, as our invoice states, are 2% cash discount, only within ten days of date of invoice.

外貿函電報價范文模板 第四篇


Dear Mr. John,

Thank you for your inquiry of May 3, requesting us to offer you for our MEN\'S T-SHIRT.

In reply, we have the pleasure of submitting to you firm offer on the following terms and conditions subject to your reply reaches us by the end of May 15.

Commodity: MEN\'S T-SHIRT


Packing: Exporter Carton

Price: USD or EUR or AUD **/PC. CIF NICE

Quantity: **PCS

Payment: L/C

Insurance: ICC(A) plus WAR RISKS and STRIKE for 110% of CIF value.

Shipment: During June, 2011 subject to L/C reaching us by the end of May 20, 2011.

We are sure you will find our price very reasonable. The market here is enjoying an upward trend, so we trust not overlook opportunity and hope to receive your prompt order.

Yours truly,

Xiaohua Zhang, Manager

Huari western trading corp.

外貿函電報價范文模板 第五篇



Dear Sirs,

Our branch in Cairo has asked us for a quotation for 1,000 units of bicycles to be sold in African countries.

Please let us know what quantities you are able to deliver at regular intervals, quoting your best terms .

We shall handle export formalities, but would ask you to ship the goods directly on complete packing for export.

Yours faithfully,






We shall be glad if you will quote us the best discount for cash off list price for this quantity. ——若蒙報予此訂購數量,以現金付款時,可依表列價格提供的最優惠折扣減價額,則感幸甚。

Our terms are 3% cash discount, only within the days of date of invoice. ——我方條件為發票日十天內3%的現金折扣。

外貿函電報價范文模板 第六篇

Dear sir,

Thanks for your inquiry of our XX(products).on we are in XX filed for many years,so we are confident we can do the specifications you given is still as the diameter,meterial,quantity and so on.....,so pls can you send us the details?the drawing(cad)is ok. After we confirmed,we are happy to provide you with our good quality and competitive price. Look forward your soonest reply,

Thanks and regards


外貿函電報價范文模板 第七篇


一、 采購編號:QJJY-20xx-5。

二、 采購內容:辦公、辦案設備采購

三、 詢價文件發售時間:20xx年8月17日9時——8月18日17時止,發售地點:綦江縣公共資源綜合交易中心(中山路7號萬代商城三樓,工商銀行對面)


























外貿函電報價范文模板 第八篇


seeing your ad in“family life” we become interested in your silver wares of court styles. please quote us for the supply of the items listed on the enclosed query form and give your prices . shanghai. it would be appreciated if you include your earliest delivery date, terms of payment, and discounts for regular purchases.




we learn from the our embassy that you are producing for export hand-made shoes and gloves in natural leather. there is a steady demand here for high-class goods of this type, especially in unique designs. will you please send us your catalog, export prices and terms of payment, together with any samples you would like to let us examine.




we have a large demand for the supply of 50,000 meters brown serge, whose sample is enclosed to show you the shade and quality we require. please send your samples corresponding to our samples with the most reasonable price . singapore if you can supply within three months from now.




外貿函電報價范文模板 第九篇

Dear madam,

We knew your name and address from the website of and note with pleasure the items of your demand just fall within the scope of our business line. First of all, we avail ourselves of this opportunity to introduce our company in order to be acquainted with you.

Our firm is an exporter of various WOMEN\'S CARDIGAN. We highly hope to establish business relations with your esteemed company on the basis of mutual benefit in an earlier date. We are sending a catalogue and a pricelist under separate cover for your reference. We will submit our best price to you upon receipt of your concrete inquiry.

We are looking forward to receiving your earlier reply.

Yours faithfully,

Xiaomin ma, Manager


外貿函電報價范文模板 第十篇


As we are in need of WOMEN\'S CARDIGAN, would you please quote us your best price

The details of this enquiry as follows:

Price: CIF Tokyo

Insurance: ICC(A) plus WAR RISKS and STRIKE for 110% of CIF value.

Payment: By Irrevocable Sight L/C

It will be appreciated if you let us have your quotation at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely yours,

Jeck, Manager

Hair Trading Company, LLC

外貿函電報價范文模板 第十一篇

Dear sir,

Sorry for my late reply,i discuss with our boss for a long time, but regarding the price,it is near our bottom line,you know the market is changing everyday,and it is hard to cut more on cost as we need the products with best quality.

But we treasure our first cooperation,so we allow you a 2%discount,this is the best i can do for you.

I hope that if you have the will to cooperate,pls don’t just focus on the price,the most important is the quality,i think.

If you any comments ,pls let me know.

Thanks and regards


外貿函電報價范文模板 第十二篇

Heavy enquiries witness the quality of our products.


As soon as the price picks up, enquiries will revive.


Enquiries for carpets are getting more numerous.


Enquiries are so large that we can only than allot you 200 cases.


Enquiries are dwindling.


Enquiries are dried up.


They promised to transfer their future enquiries to Chinese Corporations.


Generally speaking, inquiries are made by the buyers.


Mr. Baker is sent to Beijing to make an inquiry at China National Textiles Corporation.


We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available.


In the import and export business, we often make inquiries at foreign suppliers.


To make an inquiry about our oranges, a representative of the Japanese company paid us a visit.


We cannot take care of your enquiry at present.


Your enquiry is too vague to enable us to reply you.


Now that we\'ve already made an inquiry about your articles, will you please reply as soon as possible?


China National Silk Corporation received the inquiry sheet sent by a British company.


Thank you for your inquiry.


Words and Phrases

inquire 詢盤;詢價;詢購

to inquire about 對...詢價

to make an inquiry 發出詢盤;向...詢價

inquirer 詢價者

enquiry 詢盤

inquiry sheet 詢價單

specific inquiry 具體詢盤

an occasional inquiry 偶爾詢盤

to keep inquiry in mind 記住詢盤

外貿函電報價范文模板 第十三篇

referring to your letter of 5 june, we very much regret that we are unable to make you an offer for the goods you demand. the reason is that the product you need has been out of stock. what’s more our manufacturers have declined orders because of shortage of raw materials.

we shall, however, file your inquiry and cable you our offers as soon as we have got supplies.




我們已向該公司提出詢價( 詢盤 )。

we addressed our inquiry to the firm.

對該公司的詢價信, 我們已經回復。

we answered the inquiry received from the firm.

我公司已收到, 該公司關于這類商品的 詢盤 。

we have an inquiry for the goods received from the firm.


we invited inquiries for the goods from the customers.


will you please let us have a list of items that are imported by you.

如能得到貴方特殊的詢價, 則甚為感謝。

we shall be glad to have your specific inquiry.

敬請惠寄報價單和樣品可否? 請酌。

would you care to send us some samples with the quotations.

由于這一次訂購是合同的組成部分, 請提供最好的條件。

please put us on your best terms, as this order forms part of a contract.


please state your best terms and discount for cash.

由于打折扣, 請告知最好的裝貨(船)條件。

please put us on your very best shipping terms as regards discount.


please let us have information as to the price and quality of the goods.

請對日本生產的合成纖維的制品, 如尼龍、維尼龍、莎綸等報最低價格。

please quote us your lowest price for sundry goods, including synthetic fiber good, including synthetic fiber goods, such as nylon, vinylon, and saran made in japan.


kindly favour us with the lowest cash price for the goods.


kindly let us know at what price you are able to deliver quantities of best refined sugar.


at what lowest price can you quote for 50 bales middling texas cotton for november?


please quote us the lowest price for ten cwt. best cork.


we shall be obliged by a quotation of your lowest price for the said goods free delivered at our works.


i shall be glad if you will send me your catalogue together with quotations.


please quote us your lowest prices for the goods.

貴公司7月1日來函就該商品優惠條件的 詢盤 敬悉。

we have received your letter of july 1, enquiring about the best terms of the goods.

如收到貴司對機械產品的詢價, 我們將甚表謝意。

we shall be pleased to receive your enquiries for the machineries.

如能告知該商品的詳細情況, 則不勝感謝。

we would appreciate receiving details regarding the commodities.

如您能告知該商品的現行價格, 將不勝感謝。

we would appreciate it if you will please let us know the ruling prices of the goods